Oriental Seasonings & Desserts

      We started to produce and market the first 3 consumer packs of oriental seasoning in 1977, bearing our own brand "LOBO". 
At present we carry more than 70 varieties of seasoning and dessert mixes under this brand name which becomes our flagship business. The domestic sale territory is exclusively covered by Diethelm & Co.,Ltd. while major markets abroad are taken care of by various appointed distributors and exporters.

      Globo Foods is specialized in the art of transforming authentic Southeast Asian cuisine into marketable retail pouches. Famous dishes across the region, from India to Vietnam, from the northern part of Thailand to Sumatra, have been on our supply list which cater millions of people around the world who are fascinated by wonderful exotic taste of Thai Tom Yum soup, Tandoori Tikka, Nam Nuong, Rendang Sapi..... and the list goes on and on.

       We also contract manufacture for international brands including bulk pack for food service industry which enable us to boast that Globo Foods is one of the largest producers in this field in Thailand. For more information please contact our sale representatives or ask for a separte Lobo brochure.