Globo Foods Ltd.

This year we are celebrating our Golden Jubilee, the 50th Anniversary of Globo Foods Ltd. Many people may wonder how a family-owned company has survived and thrived half a century of successful business, year in and year out. It’s about more than making money. It’s about forging a corporate culture that stands the test of time. Here at Globo, we’ve gone through periods of major economic crisis like the one in 1997 and the recent pandemic that took its toll all over the planet but amazingly, we came through those perils unscathed and yet, emerged even stronger, thanks to all our staff and employees who possess a will to survive and resilience ability. We are very proud of our people who have proven that, time after time, we are prepared to solve the most difficult tasks and rise to the most difficult challenges.

Driving Globo forward another 50 years, we aim at protecting and continuing to build brands under the concept of sustainability and responsibility. Nothing in the history of the business world should give us any faith and confidence that we know where the next threat or disruption is coming from, considering how volatile and uncertain the business climate has been in these times. We will never give up on innovation, nor cut corners to lower cost and expenses and compromise on quality. Quality and taste are always our foremost goal. 

On this auspicious occasion, we wish to sincerely thank all our customers and business partners for the patronage and long-lasting relationship. Without you all, there’d never be a year of joy and jubilation like this. We do hope that your business relationship together with our core culture are the most important drivers that will take Globo to 100 years. 

Let’s celebrate!

Akom Palanuwech 

Managing Director