Globo Foods Ltd.

Thailand's leading manufacturer of seasonings and food ingredients, marked its 40th anniversary in 2014. We are very proud of our over-40-year record of delivering quality products to customers around the world based on dedicated Thai personnel who possess excellent craftsmanship and innovative intelligence. We have also successfully managed to maintain close relationships with all our stakeholders in all sectors; clients, suppliers, employees, bankers, society, government agencies, etc.

The expansion of our facilities in the past years demonstrated our passion and strong vision to enter the AEC era with confidence. We are determined to move on into the future, continuously improving our production and human resources.

On behalf of the Company, I would like to thank our customers, both in Thailand and abroad for the trust and confidence in the potential of our team. My appreciation goes to all suppliers for continuing supports.

Finally, my special thanks to all the Company's employees who work so hard with mental and physical dedication. Together, we shall perform our duties to the best of our ability and professionalism for sustainable growth going forward.

Akom Palanuwech

Managing Director