Retail Products

Lobo / Lobo Ready 

/ Lobo 2 in 1

     Growing originally from three items in 1978, our product range has expanded tremendously to over 200 items nowadays. We have a broad product range covering almost all kinds of seasonings, including savoury powder, dessert powder, curry pastes, breadcrumbs, seasoning sauces and dipping sauces. We believe that great innovation with authentic tastes is our competitive advantage; therefore product development is always driven and emphasized in order to offer customers new idea creations, for example, products in Thai, Oriental and Western tastes. This is to respond to the diverse and evolving needs of consumers in more than 40 countries and in all regions  Europe, Australia, America, the Middle-East as well as in Asia through our appointed distributors and leading distributor in Thailand.

     Our successes and reliable standards are evidenced by the many prestigious awards received on several occasions, as follows: 

• "Prime Minister's Export Award" or "PM Export Award" in "Thai-Owned Brand" category in 2011 

• "Thailand Trust Mark" in 2012 

• "Prime Minister's Export Award" or "PM Export Award" in "Best AEC" category in 2013

     Besides "Lobo”, our flagship brand, we also have another two product lines under the brands "Lobo Ready" and "Lobo 2 in 1" which perform as another strategy to improve and diversify our production capability. Consumers will be able to experience convenience and delicious tastes like never before.

     Another distribution channel that we proudly present is through online marketing. Customers can ask questions, learn new recipes in both traditional and fusion ways through and and undertake e-commerce through

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

     Globo Foods takes pride of place in professional seasoning, sauce and curry paste products across Thailand and worldwide. We formulate new recipes and coordinate with customers in terms of new flavour creations, packaging materials and packing sizes in accordance with customer preferences, and sell the products under our customers' brand names.

     Globo Foods is very proud to play a part in the success of over 10 world recognized brands whose products are sold in high-end supermarkets in Western countries. Customers can be confident that we are a trustworthy partner and that their trade secrets and confidential information will never be disclosed.