The most significant components of curry pastes come from fresh ingredients such as herbs, spices and aromatic leaves that are fried and heated for the right amount of time until the fragrance comes out and lasts in the curry pastes. Cleanliness, safety and long shelf life are also important factors to be considered when exporting curry pastes to international markets.

Regarding food safety, we are highly confident in the quality of our raw materials such as chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, galangal and kaffir lime leaf because those products are all grown under GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) through contract farming resources nationwide. We undertake quality control starting from species selection, agricultural means, final products and target price.

We are not only proficient in Tom Yum or Thai curries, but also the curries of other cuisines, including Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian.

With strong determination as a major manufacturer and exporter of Thai curries, our "Curry Pastes with Creamed Coconut" were launched in 2012 under the brand "Lobo 2 in 1". We have received positive feedback from consumers both in Thailand and overseas.