Our long experience in the food industry and passion to diversify and research, led us to creation and expertise in marinades, powder mixes and coating products including Japanese and Western breadcrumbs. Aside from the distinctive taste and deliciousness based upon the company's standard formulas, product customization is another strategy we focus on. This helps create new technologies in marinating, seasoning, breading and more importantly, creating a competitive edge. We are able to respond to the various preferences of each customer and it is how we add value to products in several food industries - fast food, seafood, poultry and snack.

Our powder mixes consist of:

      • Savoury powder - marinade for fried or grilled chicken, pasta sauce seasoning, spices & herbs for pizza sauce, seasoning for snacks, sausages, Chinese sausage, ham, bacon, meatballs as well as texture improver for seafood
      • Dessert powder - agar dessert mix (almond, jasmine, Thai fruits, Thai flowers flavour, etc.), gelatin dessert, doughnut mix, cake mix, waffle mix, brownie mix, cookie mix, pancake mix and ice-cream cone mix
      • Pizza flour mix, onion ring batter mix and chicken batter mix
      • Customized breadcrumbs upon customer specifications such as crumb size, colour and taste

We are always prepared for all industrial packing sizes and uses. Our machine packing capability ranges from tiny sachets (a few grams per pack) up to big bulk packs (25 kg per bag) as we understand each customer has different purposes and uses.