The company is very proficient in researching and developing various types of sauces in many styles such as Thai, Western and Eastern. We also develop exclusive formulas for those industrial customers who want to specifically meet certain demands of their end customers.

With excellent collaboration with Kikkoman, the company can produce Japanese dipping sauces and seasoning sauces by using the so-called "helpful adjunct", Kikkoman soy sauce, as a base ingredient. The products we are producing are Shoyu, Ponzu, Yakitori, Takoyaki and Yakisoba sauces, sesame salad dressings, etc.

Not only an expert in Oriental-style sauces, the company also specialises in Western-style sauces, for instance, salad cream, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup and chilli sauce.

Our company implements several packing styles such as automatic and semi-automatic packing in different packing sizes for example, 3-10 g sachets, 0.5-5 kg bags, tins, PET bottles, glass bottles and gallon for multiple use of customers.